Some facts about me…


  • I write stories in various forms: novels, screenplays, VR, plays, and am co-director and narrative lead of Fox Tor Games.   

  • I hold a BA in Philosophy from the University of Durham. 

  • I live in Devon, between the ocean and the rugged Dartmoor landscape. 

  • I love exploring the moors and discovering blankets of moss and gnarly trees.

  • I organise the Screenwriters' and Storytellers' Group at Plymouth College of Art. 


I particularly like writing stories with - 


  • gothic sensibilities

  • magical realism

  • mysteries

  • healthy couple dynamics

  • a tongue in cheek style.


And I love stories inspired by fairytales and mythology. 

Though my tastes are varied, there are usually three main ingredients in my work:


  • morbid but merry (there’s always light at the end of the tunnel!)

  • female leads

  • LGBTQ+ characters integral to the story.

Also, incidentally: death, chocolate, baking, wonder, music, thunderstorms, woodlands, moorlands, English villages, afternoon tea.

If you like some or all of these ingredients, perhaps my story creations are for you. If you’re curious to find out what mischief I’m up to, feel free to sign up to my mailing list…