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Instruments of Death

This is - quite literally - the performance of a lifetime.

Feature - Drama/Fantasy/Mystery

The lead violinist in Death's Orchestra discovers she's scoring the death scene of someone she loves. She remembers her past, breaks free from the Almighty Composer, and saves her family from beyond the grave.

Instruments of Death has been described as THE LOVELY BONES, meets AMELIE, and could be this century’s A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH. 

Finalist - Austin Film Festival 2014 (top 1% of 6,764)
Semi-finalist - Nicholl Fellowship 2015

Semi-finalist - Screen Craft 2015

Out of Sync

The dance of death ticks like clockwork. 

Feature - Adventure/Romance/Dystopian

In a future world where everything runs like clockwork, a lowly clockmaker attempts to escape her predetermined life-path before her time runs out.

Semi-finalist - Nicholl Fellowship 2016 (top 149 of 6915 scripts).


A modern and macabre adventure with ancient greek gods. 

Feature - Adventure/Horror/Fantasy

The god of nightmares threatens to unleash deadly slumber upon gods and mortals. Bitter love god Eros must learn to face his own nightmares to save the world. 

Quarter Finalist - Bluecat
Quarter Finalist - Creative World Awards (under title “Crooked Arrows”)

Quarter Finalist - 12th ASA Quarter Finalist (top 10%) (under title “Crooked Arrows”)

Jason and the Astronauts

Swords... Sandals... Space!

Feature - Adventure/Fantasy

In a future fictional world where the ‘unknown’ is the sky - full of mysterious worlds - Princess Medea joins forces with Astronaut Jason to escape her repressive planet with the life-restoring ‘golden fleece’ and bring prosperity to the ice-plagued lands of Jason’s home planet. 

If you enjoyed THE HUNGER GAMES, WILLOW and HARRY POTTER, you might also enjoy Jason and the Astronauts

Shortlisted - Circalit First Draft Competition


TV Scripts

Deadly Delights

A light and fluffy layered sponge with bitter butter cream and a sweet glaze. 

Recipe makes: Drama/Comedy/Fantasy TV series - 8 x 1hr

When two sisters inherit their estranged father’s village bakery, they discover his magical recipe book and use it to solve the mystery of his death. 


You might think of Deadly Delights as the Great British Magical Bake Off, with a dash of macabre-mystery for good measure. If you enjoyed CHOCOLAT, PUSHING DAISIES, or engaged with the quirky magical world of ROALD DAHL, you might like a dose of Deadly Delights

Instruments of Death

It’s time to settle the score. 

Drama/Fantasy/Mystery - TV series, 1hr x 6 series 

When we die we don’t see our life flash before our eyes, it ‘flashes’ before our ears: Death’s Orchestra play back the notes of our life – and once they do, there is no going back. The lead violinist in Death's Orchestra discovers she's scoring the death scene of someone she loves. She determines to achieve the impossible: to break free from the Almighty Composer and save her family from beyond the grave.

If you enjoyed THE OA, STRANGER THINGS and AMELIE, you might enjoy Instruments of Death

Shortlisted/Final ten - Write to Green Light competition (run by Idris Elba’s Green Door Pictures, partnered with Lionsgate UK).

Jason and The Astronauts

Game of Thrones - in space!

Adventure/Drama/Fantasy - TV series, 1hr x 13

In a future fictional world where the ‘unknown’ is the sky - full of mysterious worlds – this is the adventure of Jason and his Astronauts as they journey across the galaxy to find the ‘Golden Fleece’ and bring prosperity to the ice-plagued lands of their home, Planet Iolcus.

On their voyage, the Astronauts discover new lands – each different in their ‘rules’ and challenges. Amongst their adventures they encounter Warrior Women, Giants, Zombies, Harpies, Fire-breathing Oxen, and the Siren Vortex tempting them towards Death…


This is a story about how we each hold the power to change our surroundings and how our choices can lead to triumph or downfall.

If you enjoyed GAME OF THRONES, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and XENA WARRIOR PRINCESS, you might enjoy Jason and the Astronauts. 

Top 5% - BBC Autumn Writer’s Room in 2012


Short Scripts


Fame is a killer.

Short (16 pages) - Drama

A teenage boy considers taking drastic measure in pursuit of fame. 

Winner - American Gem Literary Festival

Semi-finalist - Page international Screenplay Competition


Should have. Would have. Could have. 

Short (11 pages) - Thriller/Supernatural

A young woman’s life changes when she crashes her car, loses someone close to her and finds a stranger in her path. 

Winner - Script_1 (Cheltenham Screenwriters Festival)

Meet The Target

Success is within your sight. 

Short (20 pages) - Romantic comedy

Two rival rookie-assassins must prove they’ve got what it takes or lose their jobs and their lives.

Semi Finals - British Short Screenplay Competition