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Book cover of Jasyn and the Astronauts Book 1, Under the Ice Skies. Two female silhouettes in the foreground. Ice formations in the middle ground. An epic starry sky and planet in the background.
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This series is for anyone who enjoys…


  • Epic adventure with emotions

  • Mythology reimagined

  • Sapphic/queer romance

  • Ensemble quests

  • The magic and mystery of the skies.

Sapphic swords & sorcery in space
on a planet infected by ice the power to create more is the last thing anyone needs...

Jasyn is an explorer with a talent for reaching for the stars and upending weather systems with her emotions. She spends her days dreaming of adventure, hiding her power of ice, and definitely not thinking about what it’d feel like to be the snow on her best friend’s cheek.


Atalanta is an archer and a recluse with a skill for making Jasyn’s heart glow as bright as a filament-fruit. They’ve lived in each other’s orbit most of their lives, but she’s just as magical and mysterious to Jasyn as all the galaxies under the Seven Suns.


When their world is forcibly upturned, a journey of discovery begins. Venturing across their ice and blight-infested home-world, they discover the solution to their out of balance world lies in the skies.


Of course, with a tyrant Ice King intent on closed sky-borders and Jasyn’s demise, they have to survive long enough to get there, first.


Under The Ice Skies is the first leg of the journey in the Jasyn and The Astronauts series — a sapphic, swords & sorcery in space reimagining of Jason and the Golden Fleece — an adventure fuelled by wonder and good intentions, while navigating weather fronts formed of feelings along the way.

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